About Us

My name is Chris Blanco and I am the owner of I Wish Homes, LLC. We are a family owned, Cleveland area company that pays cash for houses in Cuyahoga and its contiguous counties.  After purchase, we typically renovate the homes with quality materials to sell or rent.  We are a local company and have the cash to purchase your house quickly.  My wife and I will be the ones speaking to you on the phone, walking through your house, presenting the offer, and sitting across from you at the closing table.  We are not some big corporation looking for a quick buck.  We truly care about maintaining a business that is based around honesty, honor and integrity.  If you are interested in selling your house to a true cash buyer please give us a call at (216) 765-3585, send me an email at chris@iwishhomes.com or fill out our form HERE (http://www.iwishhomes.com/#intro).