Still have questions? Here the most common questions:

Q: What is the process to sell my home?

A: Look here (how it works) for the detailed process. In short, contact me at chris@iwishhomes.com, (216) 765-3585, or go here. I will analyze your property, if it fits my criteria I will schedule a walk through. After the walk through I can make you a cash offer, sometimes even the same day!  If we agree on price, you sign a contract and we will close within 2-4 weeks.

Q: How quickly can we close?

A: As quickly as the title agency can move. As with anything in real estate, it all depends on the situation. If your house is free and clear with no liens, then it can be as quick as a week, but normally it’s a couple weeks.

Q: Do I have to pay a realtor?

A: NO! You will not have to pay any fees to sell your home. If I need a realtor to complete the deal it will be on my dime, not yours!

Q: My house is in bad shape! I can never sell it like this!

A: That’s ok! I buy houses as-is. If we come to an agreement on price, I will assume any and all conditions and violations and get you out quick. You do not need to worry about a thing!

Q: I have a lot of stuff I don’t want, do I need to clean everything out?

A: NO! After we come to an agreement and close on the home, I Wish Homes, LLC will take care of removing anything left behind.

Q: Once I send you my information, I will get a ton of spam, unwanted calls, and pushy sales people, right?

A: Of course not! We never distribute your information to anyone without your consent. Most of the times you will talk to me or my wife on the phone. If you prefer not to talk on the phone I love email and text as well!