How It Works

Contact Me

Call me at 216-765-3585,, or fill out the form at the top of the page. For fastest service, use the form at the top of the page and leave me as many details as possible about the property.

Walk Through

After we talk and we determine we are a match, I will come and walk through the property. I will then make you a cash offer in writing within 2 days. There will be no gimmicks or pushy sales tactics used, you are free to accept or reject the offer. The offer will be good for 14 days.


If you accept the offer, I will present you a contract to sign. We will then close within two weeks and you get paid. It’s that easy!

Why Sell To Us?


I will be honest with you from the moment you contact me until the moment we close deal. I live and work in Cleveland and love it here! I want to earn your business. If we can’t come to an agreed price, I can recommend to you the next course of action to assist you in your situation.


I will show up on time. If I give you a closing date, you can count on it that I will make it. Many cash buyers are out of state investors who look at you as a number. I look at you as a neighbor!

No Pressure

I am not some pushy salesman who will try and cheat you out of your house. I will offer a fair cash offer that you are free to take or not. If you do not take it, we will shake hands and I will wish you the best of luck!


  • Quick Closing

    No Commission for you to pay

  • Cash/Private Money Buyer

  • Don’t need to “show” your home to lots of lookers

  • No Expensive Repairs!

    You can stop paying for a house you don’t want or can’t afford