Investing with I Wish Homes, LLC

Next week, I will be writing a blog piece on how friends, family and other investors can invest with I Wish Homes. Until then, check out my webpage to see a high level explanation of how to invest in real estate without all the risks and nuances that we go through. If you want more information before next week, please feel free to reach out to me!

The Lime Green Carpet House

blog-img-7We continue to move forward with this project. This week a lot has happened. First, and most importantly, I have the approval of the probate court to move forward with my offer. This is a HUGE relief as it was holding everything up. I can now begin to get moving on securing the funding, setting up the insurance, and lining up my contractor.
I also had a contractor come out and look at the property. His bid was a little under my max budget which is good! I have some wiggle room inside that bid as well. The plan is to do the following:


o Repaint the entire home
o Replace damaged and missing fascia and soffits
o Replace all the windows
o Redo the landscaping by removing old shrubs adding landscape timbers and mulching the beds
o Replace the sliding glass door on the back
o Add new steps down to the patio


o Completely gut the kitchen: new cabinets, countertops, flooring and lighting
o Gut both bathrooms, new flooring, lighting, and fixtures
o Add hardwood to the living room, dining room, and family room
o Add ceramic tile to the kitchen, eat in kitchen, and entry way
o Repaint the entire interior including ceiling, walls, and trim
o Replace all the interior doors
o Finish the basement

I promise to post interior pictures once we close!