The Lime Green Carpet House

blog-img-7We are under contract! We got a verbal confirmation that our offer is accepted and we are just waiting from the official approval from the probate court. We put our offer contingent on a home inspection and the probate approval of the offer. I hope to hear this week that we are good to go. In addition to that I have financing lined up to do the deal. This time I am using a more local lender and the results so far have been dramatically different for the better! I encourage anyone reading this blog to look for and network with your local lenders. If I had done that with my initial deal I wouldn’t have lost it.
So the next plan is start interviewing contractors. I have a few that I am going to have bid and see what happens! I have attached the first picture of the property. Once I close on it and it’s officially mine I will post a bunch of before pictures.

The Doll House

If you remember from last week, I call my other Oakwood Village potential The Doll House because of the amount of dolls that were present. After discussing this one with my lender, we both decided that I was paying too much for the home based on what it needed and my initial assessment of value was a little high for the area. I went back to the wholesaler with a new lower offer, I have a verbal that it might work if I am serious about moving forward with it. Stay tuned for this one.